Sunday, January 09, 2005

Please remember that toys with button eyes are not for babies and toddlers. Soon I will have some monkeys with felt and embroidery eyes, and eyes that use locking washers for kids that are too small for buttons. Posted by Hello
You can see my eyes and nose better in this photo. Posted by Hello
Hi, I don't have a home yet. You get to name me. Right now I'm just MC-3. That stands for sock monkey 3. I'm only $33.00 plus $7.50 for my plane ticket. I have sparkly red sequin arm bands and a cute red hat and faux pearl and filigree button eyes. Will you be my mommy? Posted by Hello
This one shows the shamrock on his tummy. Posted by Hello
The whole gang. Posted by Hello
Irish Monkey. He has green eyes and a little felt shamrock on his tummy for good luck. Posted by Hello
Flower monkey. Each adoptive family will get to name the monkey they adopt. Posted by Hello
Flower monkey.  Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

T-shirts with sock monkeys.

I just added sock monkey t-shirts to my cafe press store. And I'm definitely going to order one to wear and get the word out about the monkeys.
Wallace and Kristabelle in their new sporty tams. Posted by Hello
Kristabelle in her new tam. Posted by Hello
Hey everybody, I'm Wallace. Sock monkeys were first created over a 100 years ago. No one knows exactly who made the first one either. Posted by Hello
This is Wallace. He likes to do yoga. Posted by Hello

My first two sock monkeys ever!

These are my "Adam and Eve' so to speak. The start of a new adventure. I still need to make her a hat and I'm not so sure about his. His hat looks more like hair. I love her 'belly button.' The first two aren't for sale...I want them around to say they are the pair that started it all.
Before you know it I'll have some funky monkeys ready for new homes, so hang in there.

 Posted by Hello

The start of something great (I hope)

First I'd like to post the first two sock monkeys I ever made. And I'm trying to get a photo of one my mother-in-law made back in the late 70's or early 80's. And as soon as I get about 10 monkeys finished, I'll get a website and set up the adoption center. I've been researching other one-of-a-kind original collectable sock monkeys and the going rate seems to be between $35 and $45. So I'll probably follow their lead.